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Ghost Boy Book

Ghost BoyGhost Boy is the compelling story of Martin Pistorius who at the age of 12 fell inexplicably sick. First he lost his voice and stopped eating, within eighteen months he was mute and wheelchair-bound. Martin's parents were told that an unknown degenerative disease had left him with the mind of a baby and with a poor prognosis for survival.

The book eloquently weaves its way as Martin recounts his journey of recovery against all the odds. It is a brave and moving account of his struggle to communicate in a world full of changes. Martin describes himself as ‘a man-child reborn in a world he didn't know’ , unable to remember anything before his illness but clearly aware of all around him in his world of silence. Through Martin's story we get a glimpse what it is like to be unable to communicate yet feeling and understanding everything. Martin's emergence from his darkness enables us to celebrate the human spirit and is a wake-up call to cherish our own lives.

"It is a deeply affecting and at times shocking book... The Diving Bell and The Butterfly but with a happy ending"
The Sunday Times, 17 July 2011

[Pistorius's] levels of empathy are remarkable, perhaps because he was forced for so many years into the role of watcher and listener, hearing people unburden their problems around him, absorbing their pain without them knowing... [his] communication is strikingly direct, almost fearless in the way he confronts emotional reality."
Catherine Deveney, Scotland on Sunday

Martin tells the story of his remarkable recovery-and how he eventually came to find love, a home and a job… Now in a deeply moving – and ultimately uplifting - new book, Martin Pistorius tells the amazing story of life as The Ghost Boy.
The Irish Mail

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I appreciate you and your parents

Hi Martin ,i come from china ,my english is poor ...i just finished your book ,i found it in the bookstore this morning and i cound't help to buy it when i read half of it ,i appreciated you and your parents ,you are great persons ,thnaks .

alley 王玉


I look up to you!

Hello Martin, sorry for my bad English - I'm from Germany. I've read your book and it touched my soul. I never read a book like this before. You are great. And I think you can manage much more in your life in the future - of course with help of your fantastic wife and the rest of your whole family. I can't discribe it in english what I want to tell you. The most of all people would give up their own life when they would have this disease. Please don't lose your hope of yourself and work every day a little more to be set free again. I wish you and your family the best. I look up to you. Your book and your story will be my homework for german Lessons in a school for adults. I have to do a book description. And the only thing what I can do for you is to show your book to other people. I hope some of them will think about their own life. I'm sad when I think about people who get no help. Thanks to you that you shared your life with us. You opend my eyes. Your wife and you, can manage all! Children too :-) Greetings Bine




Martin tells his own fascinating and sometimes heart rending story of what happened when a happy, healthy boy became lost to those that loved and knew him so well. It is also the story of personal triumph over adversity and of immense strength of character. You must read this book, it will make you think very differently about the way we communicate with each other. Most of all, it will make you stop and think twice before walking past someone who communicates in a different way to yourself. Brilliant !!!!!!

Amanda Harris